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About the Training

All Patients Safe is an interactive, online suicide prevention training made by and for medical professionals. It offers an engaging and informative option for providers to become better skilled at suicide prevention. Perspectives of real patients coupled with practical skills help medical providers transfer what they learn to their practice and community.
Both the three-hour and six-hour version of this course meet Washington State's licensure requirements for health care providers to assist in reducing suicide through improved trainings. Whether you need the three- or six-hour version depends on your profession. See our FAQs for more about the differences between the two trainings. 



Washington State providers and client-facing staff: 

Free for a limited time


Out-of-state providers:

  • 3-hour training: $49

  • 6-hour training: $98

All participants choosing to obtain CME or CNE credit are responsible for an additional $25 fee, payable after course completion. CME and CNE credit is optional to providers and not required for the Washington State suicide prevention licensure requirements.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

By the end of this training, you will be able to:

> Understand your role in suicide prevention
> Talk to patients about making homes safer
> Integrate suicide prevention skills into your practice
> Understand the value of screening, assessment and safety tools
> Develop a strategy to advocate for protocol and practice changes

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